Yung Gardens Cultural Centre



Year: 2013

Status: Conceptual Design

Science museum, conference centre, events space, cinema

As part of the larger ‘Yung Gardens’ site development, this cultural centre consist of several buildings and underground spaces that together will form flexible and multi-functional facilities for education, leisure and business functions. Facing the existing ‘Yung Park’, a 13,000 m2 Science and Technology museum is currently under design development. A ten screen cinema complex and conference center with large ballroom / event space are planned just behind the science museum, each of the programs accessible through a large shared entrance area. The largest of cinema rooms is designed so it can serve as auditorium for the conference centre, surrounded by flexible circulation spaces that can be used in different configurations to cater for several types of use of the buildings.

Design Team:
Jeroen van Ameijde / Brendon Carlin / Andrea Bugli / Stefan Michael Bassing / Melike Ceyisakar / Norine Yin Lok Chu / Juan Jose Farres Prohens / Maria Florencia Gonzalez Del Solar / Miguel Reyna / Maria Vergopoulou-Efstathiou / David Ward / Carlos Zulueta Ehlers