Yung Gardens

Mixed-use Development

Changyuan, Henan Province, China

Year: 2013 –

Status: Under Development

Mixed-use Development – 255,000 m²
Residential apartments with clubhouse facilities, offices, hotel, conference centre, cinema, restaurants, science museum

Design for a large urban site adjoining a new public park in the center of an existing city in China. The project includes six high-end residential apartment towers, a 188 meter hotel and office tower, and series of stepped podium buildings and terraces that contain clubhouse facilities, shops and restaurants. The southwest corner features a conference centre, cinema and Science Museum that will attract visitors, school groups and business functions from throughout the region.

The overall massing of the project is calibrated to ensure maximum sun access and views toward the surrounding parks and open spaces. The project also features a network of pavilions that interweave the private and public domain in an innovative way, creating a varied range of private and public courtyard gardens for residents and visitors. Above the pavilions which house clubhouse facilities as well as a daycare centre and a restaurant cluster, is a connected system of terraces and roof gardens that offer a unique urban landscape.

The towers’ facade design is informed by a generative process that integrates structural stability reinforcement and privacy requirements, using digital tools to prevent any direct sightlines between neighbouring towers. In this way the architecture maximises the privacy of the high-end residential, hotel and office spaces while also optimising the effective use of the entire site.

Design Team:
Jeroen van Ameijde / Brendon Carlin / Andrea Bugli / Stefan Michael Bassing / Melike Ceyisakar / Norine Yin Lok Chu / Pamela Cortez / Juan Jose Farres Prohens / Yoshitaka Fujimaki / Maria Florencia Gonzalez Del Solar / Wei Hou / Noelia Navarro Escudero / Miguel Reyna / Loredana Salavastru / Sam Yuatao Song / Andreea Stoian / Maria Vergopoulou-Efstathiou / David Ward / Kai Yang / Carlos Zulueta Ehlers

NOUS Engineering, London / Los Angeles